Sunday, November 14, 2010

To Philly & Back Again!

A few weeks ago, Matt whisked me away for a five day visit with my amazing sisters, we crashed with my sister Sharon and her family just outside Philadelphia!  It was an early anniversary gift, and the first time we had left the kids behind.  We had SO much fun!  We went to NYC one day with Sharon and Rob...what a total BLAST!!!

We spent a while trapsing thru Central Park...I had forgotten how HUGE that park is!  We saw some street performers, strolled down Times Square, found me my 'FRADA' purse, ate some good food, & thoroughly enjoyed our time together!  It was great to get away with my hubby-who is the MOST amazing man in the world-and who I am more in love with than I ever dreamed possible.  We are a perfect match, Matt & I.  We had a lot of fun visiting the place I grew up & that helped shape me into who I am.  It was sooo great to see my sisters, and their families!  Of course we were extatic to return home to our three handsome little men, who missed us just as much as we missed them!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Our family had been craving a break from the city so we decided to escape to Saint George to enjoy a long Labor Day weekend! We didn't get on the road to leave home until about 5 o'clock-which meant a late night on the road.  It also meant that the boys would sleep the majority of the drive!  We didnt' arrive in Saint George until well-past midnight, so we hurried right over to Alan and Aubrey's home where we found the comfiest air mattress waiting for us!  We all slept so hard that night!! Early the next afternoon we headed up to Pine Valley where Clint and Emma had invited us all to spend a few days with them at their family cabin-it was awesome!

Talk about some serious Rest & Relaxation-We had the best time!! We chipped in with Alan and Aubrey and all threw Emma a Tinkerbell birthday party!  The balloons we found were HUGE!!  We also found the perfect birthday cake-which was surprisingly delicious for not being home-made!! You don't look a day past 25 Em!!
Then it was PLAY time!!!! Each of the kids wanted a turn on the ATV....

....and of course Grandma and Grandpa wanted a turn too!!!

Lots of laughter, lots of fun-Everyone had a great time!!

The next morning, Alan took everyone out shooting!  We all wanted to check out his new gun! 

Later that afternoon, we got adventurous and took the kids for a hike in the woods! 

....And a very reliable source has said that everything tastes better in Pine Valley....and Clint-you couldn't be more right!! Dinner was DELICIOUS!!!!!  Thanks for taking the time to teach a city girl a thing or two!!

Monday.......Caden's 2nd Birthday!!!!  and of course, Labor day!  The whole family gathered at the best park in town for some fun-in-the-sun, some splashing, and of course pizza and popsicles! 

Thanks everyone for sharing such a fun weekend with our family!  Miss you all already!

We can be together forever someday...

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