Thursday, July 22, 2010

Handsome Little Devils!!

Dryden is getting so big!  Six now, he is getting ready to start First grade at his brand new school and couldn't be more excited.....Mom and Dad are pretty excited for school to start too!!  Some of his favorite things to do these days are reading, coloring....he's quite the little artist, playing Batman...of course, and just hanging out with the family!  He also LOVES to dance!  There aren't very many days when he doesn't aske us to turn on some music so he can rock out!  His dance moves are pretty impressive....spinning around and around and around and around.....and around....and around!  He starts baseball in September and the whole family is looking forward to it! 

Cohen just might be the funniest little boy we've ever met, and absolutely fearless!!  The other day we walked to the park down the street.  There were a few young teenage girls hanging around on top of the playset....Cohen walked right up to them and said, "Hey. What's up?? My name is Cohen, and my tricks are tricky!!"  Talk about a 'smooth criminal'!!!  Watch out Mom and Dad.....and watch out little girls....he's gonna be a heart-breaker!!!  He is getting so excited to start T-Ball in September and so are we!!!

Caden is.....well....absolutely wonderful!  Talk about a little angel, this one has the whole family wrapped around his chubby little fingers!  He is starting to talk all the time, his word of the week is "MO-O-O-OM!!"  and even though we are sure we hear it at least once every other minute it has not lost it's perfect-ness!  Despite his apparent affection for Mama, he is 95% Daddy's boy...wrestling and rolling all over the place.  One of their favorite things to do together right now is play the tickle monster.....Caden loves to laugh, and we love to hear it! 

SOOOOOOOO in love with these little men......

And speaking of being 'in love'..........


  1. Great pictures! Your boys are so cute. Love ya!

  2. What a dang good looking family! Love you guys and miss you like crazy!

  3. You are so stinkin' cute. You and that whole family of yours! Love ya!

  4. My heart just melted there at the end..well, it was melting prior, but the end was so cute! Goodness, you're family is gorgeous! I love seeing an update! Allison, you're beauty never ceases to amaze me.

  5. Ali, your family is gorgeous! How fun having all boys...always on your toes. It was so good to see you soon!


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