Sunday, November 14, 2010

To Philly & Back Again!

A few weeks ago, Matt whisked me away for a five day visit with my amazing sisters, we crashed with my sister Sharon and her family just outside Philadelphia!  It was an early anniversary gift, and the first time we had left the kids behind.  We had SO much fun!  We went to NYC one day with Sharon and Rob...what a total BLAST!!!

We spent a while trapsing thru Central Park...I had forgotten how HUGE that park is!  We saw some street performers, strolled down Times Square, found me my 'FRADA' purse, ate some good food, & thoroughly enjoyed our time together!  It was great to get away with my hubby-who is the MOST amazing man in the world-and who I am more in love with than I ever dreamed possible.  We are a perfect match, Matt & I.  We had a lot of fun visiting the place I grew up & that helped shape me into who I am.  It was sooo great to see my sisters, and their families!  Of course we were extatic to return home to our three handsome little men, who missed us just as much as we missed them!


  1. Yea! A new post! I love the pics. Sounds like a blast- too bad we couldn't be there at the same time!!! See you soon though!

  2. Can't believe how long it's been and how big your kids are! Caden is so grown up I can't believe my eyes. All three are still cute as can be and Ali you are still as gorgeous as ever! Hugs :)

  3. P.S. Do you have access to our blog? Send an email my way if not since we are private these days...if you want of course :)


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