Monday, August 9, 2010

Back To School!!

This morning Dryden woke up with the jitters.  He was absolutely excited to go back to school...and he couldn't wait to be a first-grader...but he also realized that his best buddies from kindergarten were not going to be at the playground waiting to reunite with him!  Although our recent move has been a fantastic step in the right direction for our family, it does mean that we are in an entirely different school district, and Dryden will be starting the new year at a new school.  But he really is such a tough little trooper...takes after his Daddy.
After barely touching his Cinnamon Toast Crunch (usually his breakfast of choice) becuase his "tummy felt funny", we decided we would walk to school.  Afterall, it wasn't even 90' yet!  The jitters really began to settle in across Dryden's face....main cause for distress: Daddy was running late at the hospital and Dryden was needing an extra special tough-guy to tough guy kind of hug.  I suggested as we walked that Dryden talk to Daddy on the phone.  Relief set in as Daddy promised he was rushing to meet us at the school.  Isn't it perfect how a simple dose of 'father's love' can do the trick every time??  Anyway, it was a beautiful little walk.  We fall more in love with our new neighborhood every day.  I felt like I was part of a Hallmark movie set several years back when EVERYONE walked or rode thier bikes with their kids to school...I probably would have felt more out of place had I decided to drive!!  Incredibly, Matt arrived at the school just a few minutes after we had.  The look on Dryden's face was priceless as he watched his Daddy hurry to meet up with us in front of the school. 

A few hugs and kisses...not too many of course I'd hate to embarrass the little guy...a brief moment on the  playground...and then the bell sounded.  I felt like I was in the midst of an army of children scurrying to form rank!  With little effort we helped Dryden find the line designated for his class...and then that was it.  Suddenly I felt like I needed a dose of "tough-guy" stuff.  Don't cry...Don't be silly...He'll be fine...Don't cry...
As for the other two, life as usual: a morning snack and plenty of water......

....which for anyone who speaks 'ALI' directly translates into fresh pretzels from Auntie Annes at the local splash pad!  Tough day....I know:)
And then back to the school to see how the little man fared his first day of first grade....

A mother's prayer has been answered....and Dryden is already looking forward to tomorrow!!


  1. Now this post makes me's happy, sad, exciting...everything that life is!!! You are soooo good to your children. I was thrilled to see how Matt hurried from the hospital just for his little guy. Oh dear, it is so hard to watch them grow--fun, but hard. Ali, you are so pretty! I am jealous! Matt, did you get any sleep? Or did you just tough it out to be with your beautiful family?

  2. I'm tearing up too! What a precious family you are! I love that Matt made it in time for some much needed tough love! And you're stinkin' cute! YEA DRYDEN! Hope you have a great 2nd day too!

  3. ahh!! I think sometimes the whole 1st day of school thing is harder for the moms than the kiddos! We just did the 1st day of 2nd grade...(allot easier)..Next week: 1st day of kindergarten! Im sure there will be tears (from mom only). Love the new blog! your family is beautiful, as always!! miss you guys!

  4. Glad to see that daddy got there in time! What little cuties your boys are! They must take after their cute mother.(oh, and you to Matt:)


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