Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome Home Sweethearts!!

The weekend flew by....when Sunday morning rolled around Mommy and Daddy were VERY excited to head over to Grandma and Grandpa Andrus' home to pick up the boys.  We couldn't wait to hear all about "Camp Grandma" and all the fun they had!!  They had so much to tell us....swimming....tents...Grandpa's special 'Mickey Mouse' pancakes....Happy Meals....and a very special 'field trip' to a specialty petshop......

and Bubba...of course.
The boys really had such a wonderful time!  They are already talking about next time!  Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa...for the special memories...all the fun....all the love...and for just being YOU!!!!!


  1. Hey! It is Lindsey of Lindsey Long Legs! You need to friend me on Facebook so I can invite you to my Fall Pampered Chef LAUNCH party! Lindsey Wynia!

  2. I LOVE spiderman--that is so classic for a family full of boys!

  3. I found the card with your blog address, but not your e-mail! Can you send it to me?

  4. Glad they had fun and you did too!


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