Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daddy's Boys

The other day I got stuck at the salon a few minutes late, so Matt saved the day as usual and rounded up the boys to head to school to pick up Dryden.  Walking Dryden to school in the morning is a lot of fun, I really enjoy the time with the boys.  Generally not any hotter than 85' at the time, it's a nice walk.  Walking to the school to pick Dryden up in the afternoon....temperatures closer to 110'...is a completely different story!  But circumstances what they were, Matt and the boys headed out to brave the heat to rescue Dryden.  By the time I made it home, this is what I found....
....half-naked on my bed sitting directly in front of the fan.  They sat there with the fan on high for at least 15 minutes...then they were ready to go go go go again. 

Matt has been working with Dryden to help him learn to ride his bike....we took the training wheels off just the other day....and then we put them back on about a half hour later.  Dryden needs to spend some more time practicing balancing before we take them off again.  Matt is being so patient!  The whole family is asking Santa for bikes this Christmas so we can enjoy the winter weather outside....a couple more months, I'm sure Dryden will get it soon!  And of course Cohen is eager to have his chance too!

Caden and I enjoyed the action from underneath the shade!!!

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  1. Elaine here... this is the only way I know how to get a hold of you. Got a call today from Beauty Brands about my appt, which I am going to cancel. Let me know what's up if you get a chance. ArizonaRose@gmail.com -


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