Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Splashes!!

Friday morning the boys and I made plans to meet some friends at the local splash pad...Daddy worked at the hospital Thursday night and we were sure he would appreciate a few hours of peace and quiet to catch a little shut-eye before the weekend started!  The weather was surprisingly tolerable for the last week of July....except for the insufferable blanket of humidity that has been lingering for the past several days!  Truly, though, the temperature was well below 100...okay that IS an exageration...but it proved to be a really great time.  The boys were thrilled to be outside for a while before the sun was too high, and the water must have been refreshing!  Our little men definately could have been fish in another lifetime, they can't get enough summer splashes!!

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  1. That's a neat splash pad--fancy!!! I'm sure Matt appreciated the shut eye!


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